2010 GR3150
World Wide Pre-Owned Turf Equipment

Gold Service Level Inspection

Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation is the premier supplier of pre-owned turf maintenance equipment. Our certified technicians perform a formal inspection to insure the highest quality standards are met. Included in the process are:

Cutting Units
  • Grind reels and sharpen blades
  • Replace bedknives or rotary blades
  • Rollers will be inspected, greased and cleaned
  • Measure and inspect lift arm bushing, frame and carrier assembly

  • Inspect all hoses: replace if needed, inspect for leaks
  • Full Service will be required on all product, refer to manufacturer service manual
  • Inspect all safety related shields and covers
  • Engine bay area will be cleaned and detailed
  • Cooling system will be inspected and radiator will be cleaned
  • Fuel gauges and hour meter will be inspected
  • Inspect all belts and pulleys, replace any belt that shows wear
  • Check and clean fuel systems
  • Test engine compression on machines over 1800 hours

Frame & Sheet Metal
  • Entire unit will be washed and detailed
  • Seats will be inspected for tears and operation, replaced as needed
  • All foot pads will be replaced if needed
  • Paint will be inspected and as much touch up as possible will be done
  • Access panels and covers will be cleaned and inspected
  • All grease fittings will be greased

Electrical Systems
  • All dash lights will be in operating condition, inspect all fuses
  • All batteries will be load tested, cleaned and replaced if needed
  • Inspect & test all safety switches, replace as needed
  • Head lights will be inspected

Steering & Brakes
  • Traction systems will be checked
  • Inspect steering system and repair as needed
  • Tires must be in very good condition having 50% or more tread life left
  • Brakes will be tested and inspected if required, Parking Brake Tested

Hydraulic System
  • Replace hydraulic oil, wheel motor oil, transaxle oil
  • All filters will be replaced
  • Test hydraulic pressure on machines over 1800 hours